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Wind Turbine Technology

Experience Sustainable and Reliable Energy Generation with VIKO WINGS Turbines

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T – Tailored to Local Wind Patterns

U – Ultra-Efficient Energy Production

R – Reduced Footprint and Construction Costs

B – Bird and Bat Safe Design

I – Innovative Positioning Technology

N – No Harmful Emissions

E – Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Innovation and sustainable solutions

At VIKO WINGS, we are committed to creating innovative solutions for sustainable energy production. Our team of creative individuals from Poland has developed a new type of wind turbine that is more efficient, safer for the environment, and affordable to produce. Unlike traditional turbines, our turbine adjusts its position to the wind flow direction, allowing it to use the maximum wind in the area and produce more energy.


is revolutionising the way we think about conventional wind turbines by addressing their key drawbacks – the huge capital expenditure, logistical and financial challenges associated with the construction, installation and disposal of the equipment, as well as their not inconsiderable impact on landscaping and interactions with local fauna.

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The turbines of our design circumvent all of these difficulties, providing a device with low construction costs, optimal dimensions and wide application potential in a variety of urban settings. The innovative positioning technology maximises the turbine’s energy efficiency, which, compared to the low investment, makes our proposed solution extremely competitive with existing technologies.

From passion

for the wind

For household and business

VIKO WINGS Turbines are suitable for both individuals and businesses who seek affordable, efficient, and practical green energy solutions. We believe that our innovative product will be particularly attractive to those who are looking for alternatives to traditional wind turbines that require a lot of space and construction costs.

Mobility and versatility of applications

Our company aims to cater to a broad range of customers who are interested in sustainable energy production. VIKO WINGS turbines are designed to be small enough to be placed on a building roof or next to a house, making it an excellent option for private homeowners who want to generate their energy sustainably.Furthermore, we provide solutions for marine energy production, which will appeal to those who operate in the offshore industry. By providing an accessible and reliable green energy source, we aim to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

Offshore solutions

The VIKO WINGS turbines are only the beginning of our investments in modern solutions for green energy. Work on wave energy generation, including offshore energy farms, is in the development phase. By providing affordable and reliable sources of green energy, we aim to create a sustainable future and energy security for all.

We are dynamically conquering the RES market

At the Greenpower International Renewable Energy Fair 2019, our VIKO WINGS turbine was awarded the Golden Medal Award, as the most practical and affordable solution for sustainable energy production. The innovative technology behind our Turbine sets it apart from conventional windmills, making it a game-changer in the industry. Winning the Golden Medal award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who are committed to creating innovative and sustainable solutions for energy production.


Unleash the power of the wind

Our turbine has already been granted patent rights in the US, China, and several countries in the EU, highlighting the uniqueness and potential of our product. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future by investing in our innovative green energy solutions.

Innovative solutions from VIKO WINGS

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