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Unleash the power of wind.



The VIKO WINGS Turbine represents a significant step forward in the field of renewable energy. By harnessing the power of the wind, we are providing an effective solution to the energy crisis that is facing us today. Our team of engineers and developers has worked tirelessly to create a wind turbine that is not only efficient but also widely applicable. Whether you are looking to power your home or a public facility, the VIKO WINGS Turbine is the perfect solution.

How it works?

The innovative solution based on the concentrated airflow through the ingeniously designed three- sail- blade system eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional wind turbines, increasing the total effectiveness of the device, and reducing total energy cost.

Catch the wind in your sails with the turbine

VIKO WINGS – construction

Three sail-blades

The concept of the VIKO WINGS TURBINE is based on an innovative three sail-blades, which concentrate the flow of wind to the central generator. This increases the speed of the wind flow on the blades and the diffuser system, allowing for a more efficient use of the wind flow energy on a given working surface compared to conventional turbines.

Always at an optimum angle

The rotating base means that the VIKO WINGS turbine can automatically adjust its position to face the wind direction, regardless of changes in wind speed or direction.This way, the blades are always positioned at the optimal angle to capture the most energy from the wind.

The vertical axis of rotor rotation

The vertical axis of rotor rotation allows to convert kinetic energy of air into rotational mechanical energy and then transforms it into green electrical energy.

Diffusion system

The diffuser system used in the VIKO WINGS turbine increases the wind speed several times, increasing the turbine’s efficiency.


The large range of wind speeds used (2-30 m/s) increases the device’s energy efficiency compared to conventional devices.


The turbine is protected in case of extreme winds with the regulation of the working surface, preventing malfunctions and damage to the device.

Innovative construction

The structure is almost entirely made of polyester-glass composites, making the device lightweight and significantly durable, while the type of construction guarantees a relatively low turbine price.

Safety curtain

The rolling curtain is triggered when the wind speed exceeds the critical speed of 70 km/h, thus protecting the device from overloads and potential damage.

Environmentally conscious

The turbine is covered on the inlet side by a polyamide mesh, protecting it from birds, bats, leaves, and other similar objects.

Check the advantages:

Technological Advantages

VIKO WINGS turbines come in a range of power options including 10 kW, 50 kW, and 100 kW, with plans to release 200 kW and 600 kW models soon.

VIKO WINGS turbines can operate in wind speeds ranging from 2 m/s (5 km/h) to 30 m/s (100 km/h), unlike traditional turbines, allowing for more efficient energy production.

VIKO WINGS turbines can adjust their position to the wind speed and direction, maximizing energy production, unlike traditional turbines that remain fixed in one position.

VIKO WINGS turbines rotate around their vertical axis, which enables them to be installed on roofs, poles, and existing mast structures, making them much more versatile than traditional turbines that require significant land use and construction costs.

Environmental Advantages

VIKO WINGS turbines do not generate noise and are safe for birds, making them environmentally friendly.

VIKO WINGS turbines are fully recyclable, which reduces waste and environmental impact.

VIKO WINGS turbines are smaller in size and do not require large plots of land, making them suitable for installation even on the roof of a building.

Financial Advantages

VIKO WINGS turbines are cost-effective, making them accessible to a broad range of customers.

The investment cost amounts to 150,000 PLN per 100 kW.

The simple payback period of the investment is 3-4 years (based on energy prices from September 2018).

There is a possibility of using VIKO WINGS turbines on ships as an auxiliary propulsion.

The generation of green energy from VIKO WINGS turbines allows to obtain a stream of income from the sale of energy certificates (green certificates).

Revolutionise your energy game

VIKO WINGS turbines offer solutions to the major challenges faced by traditional wind turbines, making them a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly option for wind energy production

„Revolutionize Your Energy Game: Say Goodbye to Expensive, Noisy, and Unsightly Traditional Wind Turbines!”



  • Expensive to construct and maintain, limiting accessibility for many.
  • Low initial investment and construction cost, accessible to individuals and businesses alike
  • Require large land areas, causing
    conflicts with other land uses and
    limiting placement options.
  • Require minimum space, can be installed on roofs, poles, ships and existing mast structures
  • Generate disruptive noise and harm
    wildlife and communities.
  • Minimal noise emission levels (<30 dB); no harmful flicker effect, safe for wildlife and communities
  • Negative visual impact affects
    tourism and property values.
  • Due to small size do not disrupt the local landscape ; aesthetically pleasing, modern design inspired by nautical design
  • Generate significant waste and require high energy inputs during their life cycle, contributing to their environmental impact.
  • Easy to transport, maintain and fully recyclable